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Donation Policies & Information:
The Kozolchyk National Law Center (NatLaw) solicits and accepts donations and grants from individuals, partnerships, corporations, foundations, government agencies, or other entities in accordance with its mission, core programs, and specific projects. NatLaw accepts contributions payable annually or over a period of time. Cash donations are generally accepted without approval, including checks, money orders, credit cards, and online donations. Bequests and beneficiary designations can also be made through revocable trusts, commercial annuities, and retirement plans. Bequests to NatLaw under wills, trusts, commercial annuities, and retirement plans are encouraged. Prior to acceptance by NatLaw, donations from foreign governments or entities they own or control, as well as gifts from accredited international organizations, must be approved by NatLaw’s Executive Committee, which will determine whether the contributions are aligned with NatLaw’s mission. In addition, NatLaw will not accept gifts that (a) violate its corporate charter, (b) result in NatLaw losing its status as a not-for-profit organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or (c) are too costly or difficult to administer. Our donor lists are not sold, traded, rented, or disclosed to third parties. NatLaw ensures the confidentiality of its donor lists by taking all reasonable, appropriate measures to prevent unauthorized access.