NatLaw was pleased to travel to San Diego and help train the University of Guanajuato Moot Court Team this July. While there, the NLCIFT team took the students to observe civil trial hearings, visit with a civil judge and law firm, and visit with Ambassador Shapiro at the Institute of the Americas.

In collaboration with USAID Mexico and ABT Associates, NatLaw assisted in the organization of the first training for judges in Mexico in the area of Competition Law (Antitrust).

NLCIFT’s Judicial Training Team leaves tomorrow to the State Judiciary of Tabasco. While there, the team will conduct a 3-day skills-based training session on the implementation of Oral Trial Procedure for Commercial Disputes. This project is completed with the support of USAID-Mexico and is part of the series of judicial training programs NLCIFT conducts in Mexico.


In March (with the support of USAID Mexico) the NatLaw training team has traveled to the state of Yucatán in Mexico to conduct a course on Oral Trial procedures and skill for Commercial Matters with the judiciary.  The attendees were pleased with the results of the course and intend to invite NatLaw to return for a second ‘train the trainers’ course before the end of the year.


The NatLaw training team recently held a 3-day course for the Federal District judiciary of Mexico on Oral Trials for Commercial Matters.  Held in Mexico City, the course featured a lecture series on the parts of an oral trial and concluded with a full oral trial simulation acted out by the students.


In January NatLaw conducted an Oral Trial training for the judiciary of the State of Tabasco in Mexico.  This training took place over 6 days and involved not only judges but also court staff.  The organizers from the State of Tabasco were happy with the course and intend to invite the NatLaw training team to return to the state to conduct a second training in the next few months.