Drew S. Days III - Yale Law School Professor and Former U.S. Solicitor General

"…the Center has become a uniquely important and valuable institution… it is reflective of Boris’ sustained commitment to the goals of normalizing trade practices throughout the Americas and promoting uniform legal structures to facilitate that objective."

- Commenting on NatLaw’s involvement with the OAS Model Inter-American Law on Secured Transactions
Dennis DeConcini - Former U.S. Senator, Arizona

"…the Center has received international recognition for its work to eliminate legal constraints impeding trade in the Western Hemisphere. The Center has been designated by the State Department as the U.S. entity to facilitate the exchange of scholars and legal materials relating to the legal aspects of trade among NAFTA countries. The Center’s work continues to grow in importance as commercial ties among the US, Mexico, and other Latin American nations increase."

- Commenting on NatLaw’s work to create Uniform Power of Attorney and Uniform Commercial Invoice From for NAFTA Countries
Bill Clinton - Former President of the United States

"I want to congratulate Dr. Kozolchyk for his work in establishing the National Law Center for Inter-American Free Trade… it is your commitment and the commitment of other dedicated individuals… that will make this path-breaking agreement a reality."

- Commenting on NatLaw’s involvement with NAFTA
Jean Chretien - Former Prime Minister of Canada

"In order to ensure that North American business people can take the fullest advantage of this burgeoning trade relationship, it will be vital that the rules of the game be the same in each country…  My compliments to the National Law Center for Inter-American Free Trade for initiating this process."

- Commenting on NatLaw’s involvement with NAFTA
Ernesto Zedillo Ponce de Leon - Former President of Mexico

"I would like to express special recognition to Dr. Boris Kozolchyk for his support of inter-American free trade.  The Center, inspired by Dr. Kozolchyk, played a definite part in making the North American Free Trade Agreement a reality.  Center members have held a vision for many years of free trade as a stepping stone of respective legal systems in order to facilitate the exchange that results from this commercial agreement. The Mexican government works within the framework of its sovereignty so that free trade may contribute to the overall well-being, equity and equality of all Mexicans. On behalf of the United Mexican States, I congratulate the members of the National Law Center for Inter-American Free Trade for their accomplishments to date, and I wish them the best success for the future. "

- Commenting on NatLaw’s involvement with NAFTA
Stanley G. Feldman - Former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Arizona

"Thank you for your enlightening presentation during the Sonora/Arizona Supreme Court joint meeting… this was an historic event, the first time our two courts met. Your session outlining the implications of expanding free trade was one of the high points of our meetings. You and the Center have played a valuable role in what will undoubtedly result in future activities between the two courts."

– Commenting on NatLaw’s involvement with the Arizona Supreme Court and Sonora Judicial Relations Project
Harold Burman - Office of the Legal Advisor, U.S, Department of State

"We believe [the Center] is an important development at a time when the countries of the Northern Hemisphere are looking to their regional trade ties as a foundation for future development."

- Commenting on the original creation of NatLaw
Fife Symington III - Former Governor of Arizona

"Congratulations on the formal dedication of the National Law Center for Inter-American Free Trade. This partnership [of the private and public sectors] has already resulted in the creation of the Center, and the future operations of the Center wills truly put Arizona and the United States at the cutting edge of free trade activities."

- Commenting on the original creation of NatLaw
Pete V. Domenici - Former U.S. Senator, New Mexico

"The National Law Center has facilitated the creation of legal mechanisms to promote the implementation of the North American Free Trade Agreement. Without the National Law Center’s work, the ability of American citizens and businesses to benefit from enhanced trading relations with foreign nations would be substantially undermined."

– Commenting on NatLaw’s work to create Uniform Legal Standards for Cross-Border Trucking within the NAFTA region.
Hon. Yolidabey Alvarado de la Cruz, Participant in 2012 Oral Trial Training, Tabasco

"What I liked the most about the training was the practice sessions. Before attending, I had read the commercial code provisions on oral trials but I wasn’t sure how I was going to implement them into practice, especially because of their sharp contrast to our current system. The training was very useful in this regard and there is no doubt in my mind I will use what I learned when I next preside over a hearing."

– Commenting on her attendance at the NatLaw Oral Trial Training for Commercial Disputes in Tabasco, Mexico