The following Publications were written or contributed to by key members of the NatLaw Team.

Thu, 2015/11/19 - 14:22

Co-Authored By: Dr. Marek Dubovec, SJD, LLM, NatLaw Senior Research Attorney and Cyprian Kambili LLB Hons, LLM, Legal Specialist at the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Lilongwe, Malawi. This book examines the Malawian Personal Property Security Act (PPSA) of 2013 that is based on the United Nations Commission of International Trade Law’s Legislative Guide on Secured Transactions. 


Tue, 2015/08/04 - 19:38

In this unique study Dr. Marek Dubovec examines contemporary commercial relationships between investors and their intermediaries - relationships based on accounts that hold intangible rights to securities, funds, and commodity contracts. Such accounts have replaced the traditional physical possession and delivery of tangible objects, such as security certificates, coins, and commodities that...

Tue, 2015/08/04 - 19:29

If you have ever taken a class on international commercial transactions and comparative commercial law taught by Dr. Boris Kozolchyk you have become familiar with the fruitful inter-action of the research and drafting completed at NatLaw and class discussions on the law of commercial and banking practices in force in six Latin American countries and a growing number of African and Asian...