Commercial Finance Association Annual Convention Honors NatLaw’s Dr. Boris Kozolchyk and Dr. Marek Dubovec

At the 72nd annual Commercial Finance Association Convention, NatLaw’s Executive Director, Dr. Boris Kozolchyk, and NatLaw Senior Research Attorney, Dr. Marek Dubovec were honored for their work in in the development and adoption of modern and effective secured transaction laws. 

“…A major inspiration for [our work in secured transactions] is an extraordinary organization known as the National Law Center for Inter-American Free Trade, represented by the two men here with us today: Dr. Boris Kozolchyk and Dr. Marek Dubovec.”


The two received the annual leadership award for their work in this area.  Congratulations to them both!

The event was held on November 10th in Miami, FL, and you can find the event info and full statement by CFA here.