News Posts

Tue, 2016/08/16 - 08:30
NatLaw Staff Welcomes Professor Arie Reich to speak about dispute settlement in the World Trade Organization, and “Brexit.”
Wed, 2016/08/10 - 12:06

NatLaw, along with Consul Ricardo Pineda, co-hosted a discussion panel on cross border lending to Mexico on May 25th at the Consulate of Mexico in Tucson.

Wed, 2016/08/03 - 09:22

NatLaw pleased to announce the publication of a recent article by NatLaw Executive Director, Dr. Boris Kozolchyk, and NatLaw Research Attorney, Isis Isunza in the July/August 2016 issue of the Secured Lender, the monthly magazine of the Commercial Finance Association.

Wed, 2016/03/23 - 15:50

Dr. Dubovec's recent publication, The Law of Securities, Commodities and Bank Accounts: The Rights of Accounts Holders, was recently reviewed by Dr. N. Orkun Akseli, a Senior Lecturer in Commercial Law at the Durham University Law School, in the Journal of International Banking Law and Regulation (J.I.B.L.R. 2016, 31(1), 54-55)...

Wed, 2016/03/16 - 14:57

We are so happy to have had the opportunity to co-host such a great event with the Global Chamber of Tucson!